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Jailbreak iOS 12 – OS 12.4.3 & iOS 12.5: Download, How To guide, Latest News

In this updated iOS 12 Jailbreak guide your will learn:

  • How to jailbreak iOS 12
  • iOS 12 compatible Jailbreak tools
  • Compatible iOS versions
  • Supported Tweaks
  • Install Cydia and Sileo
  • Other Jailbreak Solutions

Apple released its latest update of iOS 12.5 with COVID-19 Exposure Notifications and security updates. iOS 12 comes up with a bunch of updates and adding new features, Photos Effect Suggestions, Camera Portrait mode improvements, Adding a new Memojis & more customizable Animojies, Screen settings improvements, Carplay improvements, and much more things.

Thanks for Chimera Developer and team – Twitter

Before you begin you need to select your correct iOS version, It will help you to get the most compatible jailbreak tool. Now you can jailbreak iOS 12 using checkra1n jailbreak and Chimera jailbreak tool.

We have listed old information related to his 12 to iOS 12.3.2 Jailbreak according to the popularity

If you are using any other latest iOS version please refer to the following guidance

iOS 14.7 Jailbreak

iOS 14.6 jailbreak

iOS 14 jailbreak

There’s a lot of Jailbreak tools and the jailbreak solution for the iOS 12 to 12.3.2 jailbreak

  • Checkra1n jailbreak
  • Chimera jailbreak
  • Pikzo jailbreak
  • Cripzi repo signer
  • Oddy store

Can we jailbreak iOS 12 to12.5.1

Yes now you can’t you break your device which  Running iOS 12 to iOS 12.5.1 with chicken jailbreak tool and also if you are on iOS 12 two iOS 12.4.1 you can use chimera Jailbreak tool to Achieved your jailbreak.

Checkra1n Jailbreak 

The latest version of the Checkra1n jailbreak V0.12 Pine fault beta version Now compatible with iOS 12 to 12.5.1 jailbreak. You can download Checkra1n jailbreak tool from the Official website

The latest version released with a special note :

11 devices on iOS 14.0 and Above require removing the passcode and enabling Skip 11 BBR check in the options.

How to download the checkra1n Jailbreak tool

By using below download buttons you can download Checkra1n jailbreak tool to Your windows Linux Mac PC

How to install checkra1n jailbreak tool

  • you can easily follow this guide provided by the team.
  • it will install Cydia automatically
  • Checkra1n is not compatible with A12 A13 and Apple’s latest releases A14 devices.
  • It’s only available on A5 to A11 devices
  • And also only available For Mac and Linux versions

Checkra1n supported devices.

  • iOS 12.0
  • iOS 12.0.1 iOS 12.1 iOS 12.1.1 iOS 12.1.2 iOS 12.1.2 v2 iOS 12.1.3 iOS 12.1.4 iOS 12.2 iOS 12.3 iOS 12.3.1 iOS 12.3.2 iOS 12.4 iOS 12.4.1 iOS 12.4.2 iOS 12.4.3 iOS 12.4.4 iOS 12.4.5 iOS 12.4.6 iOS 12.4.7 iOS 12.4.8 iOS 12.4.9 iOS 12.5

Thanks for Chimera Developer and team – Twitter

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