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Jailbreak Apps

This is our complete jailbreak guide.

in this all-new jailbreak guide you’ll learn

  • How to choose the best jailbreak tool according to your iOS version
  • Choose the best Jailbreak tool according to iPhone/iPad version
  • New versions of jailbreak tools
  • Jailbreak tool latest updates and functionalities
  • Lots of advanced jailbreak tips, strategies, and techniques

So if you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad without problem, This is the best jailbreak app guide page, you’ll love to this guide.

Lets get started.

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Jailbreak apps are divided in to sub categories based on supported iOS versions. Basically latest jailbreak tools cover iOS 11 to iOS 14.4 and its beta versions.

Jailbreak Tool Supported iOS Version
Odyssey JailbreakiOS 13.0 to iOS 13.7
Checkra1n JailbreakiOS 12.0 to iOS 14.4 Beta
Electra JailbreakiOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1
Chimera JailbreakiOS 12 to 12.4.9
Blizzard JailbreakiOS 11.0 up to iOS 13.5
Jailbreak Table
Chimera jailbreak for iOS 14 to iOS 11

Chimera Jailbreak

Blizzard Jailbreak

Blizzard Jailbreak

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Odyssey Jailbreak

Are you willing to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad which running iOS iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.7 ? – YES!

This guide is for you.

In this guide we’ll give you a broad knowledge of the Odyssey Jailbreak installation and compatible tweaks.

In this Odyssey Jailbreak Tool guide you’ll learn:

  • What is Odyssey Jailbreak?
  • Odyssey Jailbreak Device Compatibility
  • Odyssey Jailbreak Version Compatibility
  • Installation Methods
    1. With PC
    2. Without PC
  • Odyssey compatible tweaks list
  • Install Sileo and Cydia

Odyssey is the latest jailbreak tool for iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.7 support which is released by famous developer @coolstar. This tool is an open-source project and many iOS developers and security researchers are contribute to growing up the tool.

Earlier Odyssey supports for iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.5 but the developer Simo released the tfp0 exploit for the iOS 13.7, By using that tfp0 exploit Odyssey is update their tool with adding support iOS 13.7.

checkout more details about Odyssey Jailbreak Installation.

Checkra1n is the most advanced jailbreak tool in the world. It is a hardware bug-based Semi-Tethered Jailbreak tool. The tool based on the permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit called checkm8 by axi0mX.

Are you looking for permeant Semi-Thread jailbreak ? Yes!

You are in write place – With this guide you’ll learn:

  • What is Checkra1n
  • How to Install
  • How to use it
  • Compatible Tweaks
  • How to uninstall tool
  • Install other packages managers using checkrain

Checkra1n is a new generation jailbreak tool which is supported all A5 to A11 devices. Most of the developers say that is an unpatchable jailbreak tool. Because it is based on a major hardware bug. So when apple updates their software version to higher, it does not matter for this jailbreak tool.

So checkout more info about checkra1n Jailbreak

Electra Jailbreak Tool

The Developer of Chimera & Odyssey, Coolstar is made this tool to jailbreak iOS 11.0 to 11.3.1. Electra is a semi-untethered jailbreak and that means, whenever you restart your device, you must re-enable the jailbreak. initially, this tool was supported only iOS 11.1.2 but later today the developer update that tool to support all iOS 11 and its beta version.

By using this Jailbreak guide you can jailbroken your iPhone/iPad which running iOS 11 to iOS 11.3.1

This detailed guide will cover:

  • How to install Electra
    • With Pc
    • No Pc method
  • Electra Tweaks
  • Electra iOS 14 support possibility
  • Bugs Fixing

Coolstar the lead developer, used “Ian Beer’s” iOS 11 Exploit for the jailbreak tool. Also, this fully supports the installation of the Cydia package manager, and it offers all the features of jailbreak. And the OpenSSH is running on port 22.

Find out more about Electra Jailbreak Tool

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